Matt Ziegler

I'm an Innovation Fellow at the Ocean Nexus Center and a Postdoctoral Researcher in the UW Allen School of Computer Science and Engineering. I finished my PhD in the UW ICTD Lab under Kurtis Heimerl and Richard Anderson.

I research how environmental organizations like NGO's and government agencies can more effectively harness emerging technologies in their work, critically examining their exciting potentials and realistic limitations. Since environmental problems are all ultimately human problems, I focus on technology's role in human dimensions like environmental governance and environmental justice. Before grad school I worked as a technology design/development consultant on various environmental and nonprofit projects; in fields like agriculture extension, primate behavior research, genomics, insect biodiversity, and environmental education.



Find human RNA-seq samples using standardized ontology terms

With Matt Bernstein and Dr. Colin Dewey


Search the biomedical literature for genes and metabolites

With Dr. Mark Craven and Sid Kiblawi

Pastel Drawings